Периодическое сетевое издание


I. Экономика и социально-экономическое развитие Большого Алтая

Features of inclusive and sustainable industrial development

Forecast of the development of the market of vegetables of open and closed ground in the Altai territory

Assessment and prospects for development of agricultural sector in Altai krai

Export potential of the Altai territory

II. Новые биотехнологии для сельского хозяйства и медицины

Design of mechanical devices for the elderly to move and live alone

III. Технологии, материаловедение, энергоэффективность

Design of wireless home temperature and humidity detection system based on Zigbee Design

Increasing the wear and corrosion resistance of steel parts by methods of complex boronikeling and borovolframing

Design of the control system of the laser cleaning robot facing the inner wall of the tiny pipe

IV. Инфо-коммуникационные технологии

Indoor temperature, humidity and illumination control system based on Android

Design of servo drive system for machine vision inspection platform

Control system software design of tunnel automatic car washing Machine

Design and optimization of intelligent cleaning robot in chemical fiber textile workshop

Design of the automatic doffing car for the single-side small cloth roll

V. Инфо-коммуникационные технологии в образовании

Informatization the learning process: researching LMS–systems

VI. Социальные аспекты, культура на территории региона

VII. Труды Института комплексных исследований Большого Алтая (ИКИБА)

ICRBA research in the field of adaptation of socio-natural complexes of the Greater Altai regions to climate change

Implementation of the regional project ICRBA «Explication of the artistic culture potential of the Altai territory and determination of mechanisms of its use in regional and international tourist projects»

Совет ректоров высших учебных заведений Большого Алтая