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Guidelines for reviewing a manuscript for publication

First of all, remember that reviewing is voluntary. A reviewer has the right to refuse reviewing, in case if he/she considers that the subject of the manuscript does not correspond to reviewer profile or because of any other reason.

The review should be made in a free form. It is recommended to highlight some moments and give a personal opinion of the manuscript taking into account the following:

  1. conformity of the content of the manuscript with the title of the topic;
  2. its conformity with the modern achievements of science;
  3. its comprehensibility for readers concerning the language, style and the content, visual expression of tables, charts, figures and formulas;
  4. expedience of publication of the manuscript concerning the previous publications on the topic;
  5. the advantages and disadvantages as well as corrections and additions necessary to be made by the author.

The reviewer recommends the manuscript for publication on condition that the author corrects mistakes, or he/she does not recommend it. If there are mistakes to be corrected in the manuscript, editors send the author a proposal to review the text taking into account criticism when preparing a new version of the article or to refute it (partially or completely). The author modifies the paper and sends it for additional reviewing.

Reviews should be certified according to the rules of the institution where the reviewer works.

Periodical network edition