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Manuscript regulation for publication

International scientific network edition “Grand Altai Research & Education” publishes scientific reviews and articles, based on researches and educational projects made on the Grand Altai region and/or in priority area for Grand Altai development on the 2nd meeting of Grand Altai Council of HEI Chancellors (October, 31st 2012, Belokurikha, Altai Krai, see home page). Translated, informative, except scientific reviews, advertisement articles are not accepted.

Manuscript requirements are stated with due regard for reviewed scientific publications, where main scientific results of degree seeking researches should be published. Previously published articles or send to another periodicals are not accepted. Author’s rights are respected in terms of Civil Code of the Russian Federation (part 4) and other governing documents. The authors are responsible for the content.

Authors are required to provide the editorial board with the following:

1. Authors submit their manuscripts online. Article shout be written in terms of requirements for our edition.

2. Printed copy of the article should be approved by all authors (signatures on the last page) and endorsed by the head of department or another official where the research is made (signed on the 1st page). Authors give article to editor personally or by mail. It is possible to send a scan copy of the article with all signatures in PDF-format .

3. Article metadata with author translation into English for BD RSCI.

4. Authors consent to article publication and to processing of authors personal data (downloada samplefor each author).

5. Authors fees are not paid. All articles are to be reviewed. Reviewing is carried out anonymously. All the articles send to editors are not given back.

6. Referral on record from organisation where the researches was performed, signed by the official executive. For AltSTU – expert commission conclusion.

7. Authors represent to Edition the external review of the specialist having with academic degree of the doctor of science according to the scientific direction of original research and/or included in the list of experts approved by the GACC chairperson with obligatory specifying Full Name, positions, organizations, contact telephone number, e-mail address, the signature confirmed by a seal.

8. Outside authors may be charged for publication (see the corresponding menu item on the home page). In this case, the authors present a copy of the receipt. The cost of publication is established by the order of AltSTU rector. Postgraduate students articles at the sole authorship are published free of charge provided by the document (copies) certifying postgraduate studies.

Periodical network edition