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Order of manuscripts reviewing

All manuscripts that came to editorial board are the subject to obligatory reviewing. Thelist of reviewersfrom universities of Grand Altai Council of HEI Chancellors was approved by the appropriate HEI executives. Reviewers are members of the Editorial Council and well-known experts in the fields of science recognised by Grand Altai Council of HEI Chancellors as of top-priority for Grand Altai region. The decision to appoint reviewers for received manuscripts accepted by the editorial board with a glance of the candidates suggested by the authors. On the basis of this decision the manuscript is sent to the reviewers asking for a response within two weeks. In the case of non-receipt of reviews in two weeks, a technical editor sends a reminder to the reviewers asking for a review within a week. If none of the designated reviewers provide a review within one month, the editorial board appoints new reviewers.

The review shall be conducted confidentially. Breach of confidentiality is only possible if the reviewer makes application on invalidation or falsification of the materials contained in the manuscript. The manuscript does not recommend are not accepted for retry publication. Negative review is sent to the author by e-mail, fax or post.

The manuscript can be sent to new reviewers if the final decision based on reviews cannot be taken. Positive review is not sufficient for publication. Editorial board takes the final decision concerning publication and writes in the records of board meeting. After editorial board decision the editor informs the author and indicates the publication timing. The original reviews are kept in the editorial board within three years.

Editorial board informs authors of every change in the status of their manuscript: received; the manuscript is reviewed; is given back to authors for rewriting after reviewing; the manuscript is accepted for publication or rejected with the reason for rejection.

Periodical network edition