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The requirements for articles

The file of a manuscript should be formatted in Microsoft Word (Open Office). The text of the article needs to be sent with indication of the full name of the first author – «Ivanov_A_B_text.doc(docx)». The length is limited to 10-12 pages of original articles / scientific reviews with pictures and tables, including the summary, keywords and the list of references.

The manuscript may be submitted in Russian, Chinese or English. The page size should be A4, all margins of 2 cm, except the bottom 2.5 cm; book cover 0 cm; header 1.25 cm, footer 1.6 cm. The article are arrange in Times New Roman font, a size 14, paragraph 1.25 cm, a line spacing 1.0. Page number is at the bottom of page, size 12 (13) at the footer in the middle of the page.

Units of length, height, width, and volume shall be reported in metric units (meter, kilogram, litre). The temperature shall be given in degrees Celsius, and blood pressure - in millimetres of mercury. All hematological and biochemical parameters shall also be presented in terms of the metric system (International System of Units - SI).

Tables are arranged in the text of article. Tables shall be numbered consistently according to the order in which they are mentioned in the manuscript (eg. Table 1). Tables should be supported by the short captions.

Diagrams, roentgenograms, photos or any other graphical objects are considered as figures. Figures are inserted into the text of manuscript, and are also provided in the form of the separate numbered files of JPG or GIF format with the resolution at least 300 dpi. Figures shall be numbered consistently according to order in which they are for the first time mentioned in the text (eg. Fig. 1). Figures shall be contrast and accurate, letters, numbers and symbols on them shall be distinguishable. Photos of people shall not be recognizable, or the written permission for their publication shall be attached to them. Each caption should be written as a single paragraph. Magnifying power and coloring method are specified in caption to microphotos.

Subheadings in the text of article (introduction, objectives, used materials and methods, results, discussion of results, conclusions, and list of the references) are arranged without quotes and highlighted in bold type. Only the standard commonly accepted acronym (abbreviations) are used. Acronyms in the name of article and the summary are not accepted. The complete term instead of which abbreviated notation is entered, shall precede the first application of this abbreviation in the text.

It needs to use hyphenation at formatting the text of article (width formatting).

The printed version of the article shall be thoroughly verified by the author; pages are numbered.

Output metadata of an article:

  • Authors information (name, surname, degree, work place, post, country, city, e-mail, phone)
  • The title of the article (no more than 10 words)
  • Summary (no more than 200-250 words) containing main sections of the manuscript (introduction, objectives, methodology, results and conclusions shall be stated in the summary). It is important to realize that the summary has a function of independent source of information. The summary shall be sent to editors of the network edition with the text of manuscript in the form of the separate file with indication of the full name of the original author — Ivanov_A_B_summary.doc (docx).
  • Keywords (no more than 10 keywords or short phrases);
  • Topical rubricator: UDC/ LBC identifiers or other library bibliographic classifications and indexes.

The above mentioned metadata and list of references in English (author’s translation) will be sent by editors for RSCI. The editorial board reserves the right to check and make changes in authors translation of the output metadata.

Manuscripts sent to the editors of the network edition shall conform to the text requirements presented by the Advisory Board for the database SCOPUS (Content Selection and Advisory Board - CSAB):

  • figure caption should be presented in two languages (Russian/Chinese and English). If the same figure has different parts, these should be identified by (a), (b), (c) etc. Text information contained in the figure should be clear. Inscriptions in the figures given in the English language (including the designation of the graphs axes, scale microstructures markers, etc.);
  • tables caption shall also be presented in two languages.


List of references (up to 30 sources of information) is typed at the end of the article in the order they appear in the text, where they are indicated in square brackets. Articles without list of references are not acceptable.

In case of transferring the article metadata in the DB SCOPUS it is recommended to use the structure of bibliographic references as in the example in "List of references”. You can use one of the international bibliographic standards (for example,The Chicago Manual of Style Author-Date System;A Quick Guide to Harvard referencing). Authors, as far as possible, shall be listed all. Electronic resources are made according to GOST 7.0.5-2008 with text in Cyrillic transliteration.

The articles do not meet the requirements of the editors are not accepted for publication.

CSAB (Content Selection and Advisory Board) proposes the following structure of placing article in the edition:

Block 1 - in Russian (or Chinese): theme rubricator; title of the article; author(s); address data of the authors (full legal name of the organization, address of organization, authors e-mail); author's summary; keywords.

Block 2 - transliteration and English translation of the relevant data of Block 1 in the same sequence: theme rubricator; title of the article - in English; the authors - in Latin (transliteration); organisation name, address, author summary, keywords - in English.

Block 3 - the full text of articles in the original language (Russian, Chinese, English), made in accordance with the requirements of the journal.

Block 4 - list of references in the original language (in Russian - "References") or in Roman (English - References).

The following are the samples ofBlocks 1andBlock 2.

Periodical network edition