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hereinafter referred to as Author delegate rights on a free-of-charge basis on manuscript publishing for a term of the release of on-line publication with Author’s article _____________________________________________________

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approved and accepted by Grand Altai Research & Education editorial board for publication to Federal State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education Polzunov Altai State Technical University, the founder of hereinabove periodic network edition, hereinafter referred to as Publisher on the following conditions:

1. Author warrants that:

· Manuscript is original paper of Author (joint authorship) and has never been published as submitted;

Co-Authors have agreed for publication and dissemination of the Article by Publisher;

He/she has not published the Article to 50% extent in other printing or electronic edition, except preprint publication;

The Article contains all currently statutorily required references to authors or publications as well as facts and results obtained by other authors or organizations;

Article does not contain off record information in accordance with statutes in place.

2. Authors duties:

To report to Publisher for holding, elaboration and use according paragraph 3 of present Consent following personal data:

- full name;

- title, degree;

- place of work and position;

- contact information (e-mail, office phone).

To amend the text of the manuscript after review remarks accepted by Editorial board;

To present original manuscript in electronic and print formats;

To bring only that minimum of editing error correction which connected with the need of mistakes deletion in the text and (or) correction of factual data.

3. Publisher agrees to:

Ensure review to the manuscript; scientific, literary and copy editing, production and (or) processing of illustrative material, production of electronic paste-up;

Carry out collecting holding, specification, modification, personal data use (in concordance with Federal Law About Personal Data of 27.07.2006, 152) for the following actions:

- publication of articles and scientific reviews in the network edition Grand Altai Research & Education / represented on AltSTU website;

- dispose the original of articles, scientific reviews and personal data on website for database of Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI);

- place the original of articles, scientific reviews and personal data in DB of international systems of citing.

4. Publisher guarantees that without Author permission:

would not use the Article or its parts in other printed and (or) electronic editions;

would not delegate the rights for Article publication (electronic paste-up) in printed or electronic format to the third party.


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